Easy Dude
Get your dude up the levels by triggering explosions that will throw him around! Use the colored pills to boost him up. collect coins to unlock wacky customizations -like the teddy bear snorkeler dude!
Mr Marshmallow
Collect as many marshmallows as you can! Match Marshmallow types by tilting your device, then tap to collect. All with uplifting music and vibe
Easy to get started, hard to master!
Sketch Wars
A classic Tower Defense game!
Your goal is defend your kingdom from upcoming invasion of wacky creatures by building towers and casting spells. Eventually battle your way through, and find where these creatures coming from.
Running Santa
Holidays infinite runner!
Get Santa as far as possible by jumping and flying over obstacles and enemies - its more of a "Flying Santa" honestly...
KaiOS Games !
KaiOS set to bridge the gap between feature phones and smartphones by providing affordable devices. Opening up new possibilities to billions still without internet connection.
Devices can run apps as Google Assistant, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps... and... Games !


Shugo Studios is a one person (me) mobile game studio Based in sunny Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Started to play around with game development in mid 2018's and fell in love with it!

As a programmer with 0 experience or knowledge in any type of art. I felt limited by not being able to create assets of my own.
So I just started drawing... and never stopped since!

Love everything to do with game development - illustration, animation, programming, sound and just giving life to any silly idea that pops to my stupid head